20. October 2021.

What evidence should be enough for the diagnosis of celiac disease

Female patient, 7 years old, was referred to paediatric gastroenterologist due to positive point-of-care (POC) […]
5. August 2021.

“Refractory” celiac disease in a 4 year old girl

History at 22 months of age Recurrent vomiting, constipation, 2 kg weight loss, iron deficiency […]
9. June 2021.

Discovery of genetic association in a CD diagnosed patient

We present the case of a 41 years old female, who was diagnosed with Celiac […]
15. April 2021.

From a dermatological diagnosis To celiac disease

Patient, female, 6 years old (21kg). Our patient was referred to a paediatric gastroenterologist by […]
6. April 2021.

Autoimmune combination – Coeliac and Crohn´s disease

Currently 4-year-old girl, referred to our department from regional hospital because of microcytic hypochromic anaemia […]
8. March 2021.

Floppy infant: forgotten or neglected symptom of Celiac Disease

A 16-months old girl presented to the University children hospital with acute hypotonia and suspected […]
19. February 2021.

CD-Skills – Case report, Medical University Graz, Austria

Patient’s history: An adolescent female was admitted with severe pneumonia, complicated by pulmonal embolism. While […]
7. February 2021.

Coeliac disease and anaemia

17 months old girl, whose mother has type-1 diabetes, was referred to our hospital because […]
21. January 2021.

Interesting case from Austria

I am a paediatrician myself – and years ago, when seeing occasionally my sister-in-law, who […]