Case of the month


Each month an interesting and instructional case concerning celiac disease will be presented.

8. December 2022.

Coeliac disease and non-adherence to the diet?

Almost 15- years old boy Antonín was diagnosed with celiac disease (CD) in May 2015 […]
16. November 2022.

Celiac disease, yes or not? How to interpret positive TGA in a patient with transplanted liver?

Here we present an 11 years old boy who, because of biliary atresia and failed […]
21. September 2022.

A case report of a patient with a late relapse

We present a patient who was diagnosed with coeliac disease at the age of 21 […]
20. June 2022.

“Misdiagnosis because pediatrician did not follow guidelines ?”

History Emil presented at 10 years of age because of abdominal pain, and diarrhea since […]
13. April 2022.

Case report – Medical University Graz, Austria

Patient’s history: A three years 10 months old girl was referred from the General Paediatrician […]
4. March 2022.

Case of the month – March

We present the case of a 3 years old girl, referred to our clinic for […]
1. February 2022.

Coeliac disease and gastroesophageal reflux

11- years old girl Anna was diagnosed with celiac disease in October 2020,confirmed by enterobiopsy. […]
14. January 2022.

Do not exclude gluten from the diet until the final diagnosis of celiac disease

A 17-years old adolescent came to the gastroenterology department of University Children’s Hospital because of […]
21. December 2021.

Case of the month from Maribor, Slovenia

8.5 years old boy with no family history of coeliac disease was reffered to the […]
18. November 2021.

From chilblains (pernio) to coeliac disease – to gastroenterologist via rheumatologist

A nine-year old girl was referred to our clinic with the suspicion of coeliac disease. […]

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