Case of the month


Each month an interesting and instructional case concerning celiac disease will be presented.

20. June 2022.

“Misdiagnosis because pediatrician did not follow guidelines ?”

History Emil presented at 10 years of age because of abdominal pain, and diarrhea since […]
13. April 2022.

Case report – Medical University Graz, Austria

Patient’s history: A three years 10 months old girl was referred from the General Paediatrician […]
4. March 2022.

Case of the month – March

We present the case of a 3 years old girl, referred to our clinic for […]
1. February 2022.

Coeliac disease and gastroesophageal reflux

11- years old girl Anna was diagnosed with celiac disease in October 2020,confirmed by enterobiopsy. […]
14. January 2022.

Do not exclude gluten from the diet until the final diagnosis of celiac disease

A 17-years old adolescent came to the gastroenterology department of University Children’s Hospital because of […]
21. December 2021.

Case of the month from Maribor, Slovenia

8.5 years old boy with no family history of coeliac disease was reffered to the […]
18. November 2021.

From chilblains (pernio) to coeliac disease – to gastroenterologist via rheumatologist

A nine-year old girl was referred to our clinic with the suspicion of coeliac disease. […]
27. October 2021.

Is periodic screening for coeliac disease in a high-risk group of patients worth it?

We present a young girl with Down syndrome and West syndrome who was referred to […]
27. September 2021.

Case of the month from Hungary

A 12 years old boy was referred to our center for a second opinion. He […]
5. August 2021.

“Refractory” celiac disease in a 4 year old girl

History at 22 months of age Recurrent vomiting, constipation, 2 kg weight loss, iron deficiency […]

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